Learn American Sign Language More Quickly Than Ever!

It is not hard to learn American Sign Language (ASL). Learning to communicate with the hearing impaired can be an enriching and enlightening experience. There are various kinds of sign language to learn and choose from. Because ASL is the type used in the United States, Mexico and Canada, it has also been embraced throughout the world, as more countries become fluent in English.

Software for the Deaf

The Institute for Disabilities Research & Training IDRT in Silver Spring, Maryland has many of colorful instruction books, CDs and effective software for the hearing impaired to choose from which focus on the best techniques to learn ASL, for both Windows and Mac applications.

Learning Pace

When learning any new language, it is best to begin slowly – and ASL is no different. You can learn more words and phrases in time, after learning the basics. While studying sign language, you will find that there are literally thousands of varied and specific words and phrases. It is unrealistic to believe that all of them could be digested in a short time period. Daily practice is the best way to approach the whole learning process.


First and foremost, when learning sign language, you must learn the sign language alphabet. Sign language represents each letter in the alphabet. This first step to learning sign language does not usually take very long to learn.


Sign language requires learning how to use symbols to create words, in order to learn it effectively. This is largely because it takes too much time to spell every word out. After learning the sign language alphabet, you can subsequently develop the skills to make signs for complete words. The signs are typically much broader than the usual small signs typically used to form the letters in the ASL alphabet.

The Institute for Disabilities Research & Training IDRT

The IDRT facility and website offers some of the easier methods to learn sign, such as software for the deaf. For example, products like Sign Generator 2 uniquely produces artful images above the text as users type. It is also possible to scan or copy and paste from another screen. Not only does this technique facilitate a faster learning process, but it is very convenient, as it can be done from any place you choose.

British Sign Language

Ironically, ASL is quite different than its British counterpart. It is so vastly different, that people who use British Sign Language cannot communicate with those who use ASL.

Attempting to learn any new language requires practicing as much as possible. This is the best way to ensure that all of the new knowledge and language skill advances adequately. The more you practice, the better the chance that new skills will remain intact.

Visit The Institute for Disabilities Research & Training IDRT to find much more information about learning the techniques for ASL and to find software for the deaf.

How To Learn Spanish Quickly – Honest Tips

How to learn Spanish quickly, what a difficult question.

The truth is learning Spanish quickly is a dream for most people which they won’t ever attain. The reason being is that if you ever want to learn quickly you need to be really consistent. You need to work hard, read the books, study and most importantly, speak Spanish.

That’s the problem most people have when they try to learn a new language. They spend 95% of their time reading and writing in Spanish, most of the time just reading. The problem is reading will never teach you how to speak fluent Spanish.

If you want to speak fluent Spanish or just get by with some conversational language, you need to be speaking Spanish on a daily basis. There is just no way around it. So how do you learn Spanish quickly?

Well, first you need to start with the basics. Start with basic Spanish words and conversational Spanish. You need to read it, study the books and then speak it. Rehearse it with a fluent Spanish speaker and get the accent right.

Never move ahead and learn new words until you have mastered speaking the words you already know. So what’s the secret to fast Spanish learning?

Well… Going to Spain!

What else? The only realistic way to learn Spanish quickly is to get on a plane and head out to Spain. If you really want to learn quickly, you need to use Spanish on a daily basis. You need to go to restaurants and cafes in Spain and practice your Spanish with real Spanish locals.

I personally went to Spain for the period of 2 years. Over those years I learnt more Spanish than the previous 10 years living in the UK. The point is that the only way to learn Spanish quickly is to experience living in Spain in first person.

There are plenty of cafes to lounge around in while you listen to the locals swapping stories, telling jokes and enjoying the lazy Spanish afternoon. You’d be surprised how much Spanish you learn in just a few days being in the country. You’d also be surprised how cheaply you can get out there for a weekend or even a few weeks.

When I first fell in love with the language I actually moved in with a Spanish family for a few weeks. Anyway, the best way to learn Spanish quickly is to get out there and live. Your only other option is to get online and start a course.