Need A Career Change? Five Shift-Coaching Questions To Get Unstuck And Maximize Your Career Change

Need a career change? Got career depression? That feeling where you do not want to get out of bed in the morning, you absolutely hate Mondays, and you cannot wait for Fridays? That feeling where you cannot even get excited about life…you maybe have even thought about or are taking anti-depressants?

So many people are in this place in their careers and they do not know how to get out of it, because they need the money to pay their bills and live.

I remember being in that place. It was very painful. I call it the “Dark Night of the Soul” instead of depression. It is the time where your soul is “Knee Deep in Shift â„¢” and it is letting you know that it is time for something to change in your career. It is bored with what you are doing. It is unfulfilled. It is also called “divine discontent”.

You can try to ignore your pain when you are in this space, but the more you try to ignore it, the more miserable you can become. You can just go deeper and deeper into that dark hole.

This is the time in your life to take inventory of what is important to you in order to make changes in your career.

Below are some questions you can ask yourself. It is best to answer these questions without thinking about money. Just dream and use your imagination and see what kind of answers you get. And…be positive when you answer. Do not allow that negative critic to get in your way!

Here are 5 Shift Assistâ„¢ Coaching questions, to maximize your career change, from the shift coach:

  1. What would I rather do that would fulfill me at a soul level?
  2. Is there a skill or talent that I have that I am not using?
  3. What is it about my current job situation that is the true cause of my discontent?
  4. When is enough, enough?
  5. What choices can I make right now to make appropriate changes in my career?

Explore your answers to these questions. Remember, you do have a choice on whether you want to live in a career with misery or live in a career with joy.

You will know when you are ready to shift out of that misery. Only you can make that decision. If you are so stuck and are having difficulty making decisions due to fear blocking you, then that is a sign that you may need the support of coaching tools and tips to guide you.

Career In Financial Planning – Numerous Benefits Of A Financial Career

It is said that Money makes the world go around. But money must be handled very carefully. It must be controlled not only at individual and personal levels, but national and international levels too. Otherwise the outcome can be a financial catastrophe. On individual plane it can end up into severe debts which can lead to bankruptcy. In the national and international level it means something like 1929 disaster when the stock market had crashed so severely that the whole world went into a deep depression. That is the reason why financial planning career is so very important.

A career in financial planning does not mean sitting down and adding income and expenditure, it involves much more. In case you are keen on a career in financial planning, then you could be employed with a number of financial institutions like bank, credit union, investment company, stock exchange or government. For a career in Financial Planning you need a keen head for figures as also deep knowledge of the financial world. College or University training is very essential to a financial planning and some superior levels need lot of knowledge and understanding along with specific training. In case you are keen to take up financial planning as a career then knowledge of law may also prove to be beneficial. There are lawyers who are experts in world of finance too. Many young people taking up a career in financial planning feel Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be a very good training plane. The SEC supervises the working of the securities industry and enforces the Congress laws to protect the public investments.

In the world of finances the job market is expanding except may be in banks where bank mergers and automation have reduced the job market for bank officers formerly known as tellers. More and more people bank on line thus giving rise to more positions in computer and information technology. Because of severe competition in the Banking industry, they look for people with good sales and marketing background. American banks have become global, they are looking for U.S. educated Latin and Asian Americans who can take over the overseas positions in financial careers. The same applies to investment and securities organisations that are going global. Millions of Americans are retiring who need somebody to guide them in investments and planning and for this they are depending on institutions offering financial planning services. A career in this area has a very great potential. More information on learning about this field can be obtained from American Bankers Association, the Bank Administration Institute, the Centre for futures Education, The Financial Women International, and the National Association of Credit Management.