The 5 Secrets of Coaching Success

Are you ready to build your coaching practice into a six-figure practice…and soar into the ‘jet-stream’ of coaching?

There are really 5 Secrets to becoming a successful coach. I call them the…

5 Pillars of Intentional Coaching Success:

With Intentional Coaching Success you can build an exciting six-figure coaching practice from the ground-up using ‘engineered blueprint systems’ and experienced mentors to walk with you through the building process. Just like building a house, by design you build your coaching practice to create your dream income and lifestyle.

As a trainer/coach with Dun & Bradstreet and other corporations for 20+ years I discovered that most coaches failed not because of their lack of desire but because they never intentionally designed and built a solid foundation for their coaching practice. Sort of like trying to build a house without blueprints and no contractor to guide you.

I see many coaches…

* Having no ‘master blueprint’ tend to bounce from one marketing ‘gizmo’ to another trying to piecemeal together a practice.

* Having no personal guidance end up building their practice by trial and error.

* Frustration sets in and their Mindset gets messed up.

To solve this problem I developed the…

5 Pillars of Intentional Coaching Success:

1) Mindset:

Learn to rewrite your unconscious scripts to eliminate your limiting beliefs.

2) Mentor:

Hook-up with an experienced mentor/coach that you relate well with. Let them guide you to your next level of success.

3) Movement:

Learn to take Action on the right things at the right time. Your mentor will keep you focused on the right movement.

4) Money:

Money is energy! Learn how to create money using your creative talents.

5) Marketing:

Selling is Dead! Don’t follow the herd. Tune into sharing your gifts with those who are ready to receive.

With these 5 Pillars your coaching practice-

* Is built from the ground-up on a balanced foundation,

* You have the strength to support a thriving practice,

* Your practice is in total alignment with who you are as a person.

To see the 5 Pillars of Intentional Coaching Success in action check out the Resource Box below to view three ten minute videos loaded with quality content, exercises and new information to intentionally shift your paradigm on becoming a successful coach.

Having an Intentional Coaching Success ‘master blueprint’ your business flows to you, you are working less, making more money and getting more done faster. Now you’re in control so you can really enjoy soaring into the ‘jet stream’ of coaching!

Remember, the real Key to having the 5 Pillar Approach succeed is to have your custom “blueprint plan” and a Mentor walk individually 1:1 with you to implement the 5 Pillars to Intentional Coaching Success. Just like a contractor working with a home owner to build a custom home together.

If you are really ready to create a six-figure coaching practice, be sure to see the videos because I packed a lot of free valuable content for you that you can start using IMMEDIATELY!